Work / Life Balance

There is a view held by many that too much focus on work can have a bad effect on on our mental well being. This is particularly the case where our work consists largely of mental effort in one area or on one subject.

The problem has been aggravated by the heavy use of computers as a work tool. All too often there is a tendency to work through a lunch break to complete a task on a computer or, to use the modern language, ”workstation”

This pattern of behaviour can actually be counter productive as has been shown by some research.


Learnbridgeyorkshire will be offering short introductory Bridge sessions in the workplace as a way of redressing this imbalance between work and leisure. Ironically in the 1960’s and earlier, lunchtime Bridge was quite common. Some Industrial Companies even fielded teams in Bridge competitions.


With the aid of a grant from Unltd, part of the Millennium Fund, courses will be offered in Yorkshire.

Any interested organisation, firm or person should phone –   0113 320 1230

or email  and mark it – Work/Life balance – Ron Millet

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