Play Online Without Experts

For improvers and less experienced players of  NGS Ten level and under.

Sunday 9th August.     Start 2pm.

Cost £15 pre-paid per pair.

YCBA Competition “Play Online Without Experts”

Continuing our programme of online competitions, we are introducing a great “play and learn” experience for you on 9th August 2020 consisting of:

  • an easy-paced 24 boards of duplicate play on BBO 
  • using prepared hands, selected for a good level of bridge interest  
  • ideal for early experience players up to improver level (NGS 10 maximum) 
  • Results available on the day
  • Full hands commentary mailed to you immediately after the event
  • Hand discussion on Zoom by a top Yorkshire player – Nick Woolven –  following the event for all participants with the opportunity to send in hand bid and play questions.

Entry fee:  £15 per pair, prepaid via bank transfer.

We anticipate high demand for this relaxed online event, so please send your payment and contact details on the attached entry form and we look forward to seeing you and your partner at this event.  

Enjoy your weekend,