New Teaching Room at Leeds Bridge Club

The Leeds Bridge Club had its new Teaching Room officially opened on 8th September 2019 by Councillor Sharon Hamilton (pictured below with Chairperson, Sue Friedman).

The room will give the club their own much needed space for its many classes. The new beginners classes commence during the week beginning Monday 23rd September 2019.
Thanks to help with a grant from the Yorkshire Contract Bridge Association, the room has computer facilities and the tutors will be able to use this to enhance their already successful teaching methods.

Leeds Bridge Club is thriving with membership growing and they hope to improve on this by encouraging their students to continue playing bridge at the club when they have completed their basic lessons. The club therefore has a very strong Learning and Development team as well as their Education team, and these provide learning in various forms from complete beginners to county level players in a friendly environment.
There are regular duplicate sessions and teams events as well as ‘Gentle’ bridge and Chicago bridge sessions, some of which are supervised and hosted so that you don’t always need a partner.
For further information about the classes at various levels or to come and play at the club please see our website, or email: